Car Removal in Baytown

Call us when you are looking for someone that does car removal in and around Baytown, Texas. When you call us we will give you a quote on what we can pay you, and if you agree, we will send a tow truck with payment. We can usually send a tow truck that same exact day.

If you don’t have the title the the car / truck, that is okay. We have all the licenses it requires to take car of that. It’s just that its an extra process for us and it costs us money. So if you don’t have the vehicle title, then we wont be able to pay you as much money for your car when we come to preform the removal.

Junk Car Removal Baytown

Car Removal in Baytown

Junk Vehicle Removal in your Area

Almost everyone who calls us says that they are going to shop around a little more to see what other people will pay them, and then they always end up calling back. They find out that we almost always pay the most for vehicles, and if we cant, then we try to find someone who will. We have a large circle of car buyers that all do different things with cars. Some of them turn it into scrap metal, some of them rebuild them to resell them. So remove the parts to sell the parts, and some just like projects. So after we find out about your car, we will tell you how much we will pay for it…but if we think we know someone who will pay you more, then we try to track down a higher payer. We are your friend in the car industry.

We are a great choice for you to choose among all companies, because not only do we offer the highest amount of money paid in to your wallet, but we also make sure that you are taken care of with our car buyers answering phones to take you orders.

We have specifically selected these buyers and trained them to make sure that the customer comes first and that we get them the most money we can for their vehicle.  You can be sure you’ve called the right place when we answer the phone and give you a quote that will have you smiling when you get off the phone.

Don’t hesitate to call your friends up and let them know how you went from being depressed to wanting to help every homeless person you see on the street now.

We care more about you, we love our customers too much.

We don’t mind making less money if it is benefiting our customers. That’s our guarantee. We do the best we can to make your dealings with us the best! You will never find another company like us in this industry. We are always completely honest with you and don’t try any shady moves that you need to watch our for with other companies. Call us today and find out!

Baytown car removal is what we do!

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