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Are you in need of a car removal service In Houston? That is great, because that is exactly what we specialize in here. We are a car buyer that will pay your for your nasty, old, junky car. It can be very hard to sell your broken down car. We make it extremely easy for you to find a place to sell your car in Houston. Are you wondering if your car is worth anything? Most people do.

We buy almost everything. It doesn’t matter if its broken, wrecked, junk, old, smelly, nasty, scrap, whatever. We are interested in almost anything. The process is very simple to get started. Just give us a call, or fill out an online form. We will give you a quote over the phone, or online. If you like it, we can get you all set up for a pickup time. Our car buyer will get your information, and get you set up in the system. Then a dispatcher will contact you to nail down a good time for a tow truck to come pick up the car with payment.

Junk Car Removal Houston

Junking your Car Today for Free

When the tow truck arrives, the driver will have paperwork for you to sign, and payment for you. The whole entire buying and loading process is very quick, and usually only takes 5 or 10 minutes. The tow driver will load up the car onto the tow truck, and then drive off into the wild blue yonder. You now have your money, plus the car is gone. Its a double whammy of happiness. Your problems are all fixed now…well at least your car problems.

#1 Removal Service In Houston, Texas

Our number 1 concern is that you end up happy after dealing with us. Your happiness is what makes our company successful. We don’t want a single customer to end up dissatisfied with our service. There are very few companies now a days the take customer service seriously. Well no worries because we absolutely care.

Beware of other car removal companies around Houston

Don’t fall for other car removal companies around Houston. Most places that you call are small operations usually with one guy and a tow truck. They just pick up your vehicle and tow it down to the scrap yard. They can’t compete with the bigger companies, so to get by that they offer a very large amount of money over the phone. Then when they show up to pick up and pay cash for your junk vehicle, they start making up reasons why they can’t pay as much as they promised over the phone. They say that the car is in worse condition, or that its missing the catalytic converter, etc. This is dishonest, and we don’t really appreciate people doing business this way. That is why we are blowing the whistle so that you are an educated seller. That way you have a little bit of knowledge when choosing a car removal company in Houston.

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